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ZenfoneUI CM12 Apk v1.1 Paid

ZenfoneUI CM12 post

This theme will be updated periodically, you will get full suport from me.
all suggestions, comments, or requests relating to this theme, please contact me via Google+ Dany Fradika or via email dany.fradika@gmail.com

Please, Report to me if you find or get problem with my theme, i will try to help.
Please Dont give any bad rating first before you cantact me about issue/problem about the theme.

please support my work, and be original 🙂

FEATURES ZenfoneUI CM12 v1.1:

V1 ( Initial Release )
> Themed SystemUI ( nitification drawer, statusbar, tile, etc)
> Themed Framework
> Themed Dialer
> Themed Setting
> Themed Contacts
> Themed Gallery
> Themed Calculator
> Themed CM message
> Themed google Messanger
> Themed CM File Manager
> Themed Theme Chooser
> Themed Trebuchet Launcher
> Themed AOSP Keyboard
> Themed Sound
> Themed Font
> Themed Bootanimation
> Themed Wallpaper
> Themed Icon Pack

>Once you’ve downloaded the theme, go to Settings/Themes
>Find ZenfoneUI CM12, then apply
>Reboot your phone for best experience

What’s new:
• Themed Deskclock
• Themed Hangouts
• Themed AudioFX
• Themed Sound Recorder
• Themed Playstore
• Themed Camera
Please Reboot your phone after installing the update

Download Direct Link:

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