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Warlock’s Citadel Apk v1.1.22.2 For Android


The Warlock’s Citadel is an original mix of classic role-playing and tactical elements that allows you to dive head-first into an exciting adventure.
A fiendish warlock has kidnapped the princess, countless legions of darkness have invaded the kingdom, and you’re the only one strong enough to defeat the forces of evil. Fight your way through dungeons littered with dangerous traps, equip your character, learn various skills and spells, defeat hordes of monsters, and save the kingdom from ruin.
Key features:
– The citadel’s dungeons are randomly generated for each new playthrough.
– Varied mazes full of traps that can change the flow of the game.
– A simple, easy-to-use interface.
– A mix of exciting adventure and turn-based tactical combat.
– Four base classes: warrior, rogue, mage, and cleric, each of which has its own playstyle. Over ten unlockable mixed classes.
– An original RPG system with over 30 skills and spells.
– A rage meter that is required for certain special skills.
– A unique item-generation system.
– Item sets; cursed and unique items.
– An amazing art style
– Each monster has its own unique behavior, skills, and spells.

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