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The Paris Dossier Apk v1 Full Version

The Paris Dossier

The Germans, enjoying ‘La Bonne Vie’, are taking full advantage of what Paris has to offer. You, a British Agent, have been dropped into Northern France with instructions to infiltrate your way into the capital to liaise with the Resistance.

Playing as the famed British Operative, Artemis, you find yourself following the trail of a known member of the French Resistance in this unique, film noire style game. As you work your way through the clues he has left across the streets of Paris, you find yourself playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a notorious British traitor working for the Nazis. Can you track down your missing contact and uncover the identity of the traitor loose on the streets of Paris?

The Paris Dossier v1 FEATURES
Riveting storyline based around an infamous British traitor
A unique take on the well known and popular ‘point and click’ style adventure games
Stunning high resolution, film noire style graphics with atmospheric music that transports you back to 1940s Paris
Hours of fun, innovative and intriguing puzzles to work your way through
Access to hints and answers page to help with the most challenging of puzzles

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