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Supercow Apk v1.0 build 7 Game Android

Supercow v1.0 build 7 post

The evil professor Duriarti has escaped from the prison and captured the farm in Sunny Valley! Now he is creating an army of clones from innocent animals! While nobody knows exactly he’s plotting, the mad professor is continuing his evil experiments his cave-lab! And only Supercow can stop him!
Features Supercow :
– Fascinating plot that’s a sure blockbuster!
– 50 levels of an exciting game-play balanced to the last detail
– A unique virtual world
– Every character is animated in 3D, has it’s own personality and unique sense of humor
– Intuitive and well-thought gameplay
– Overflowing with humor
– A game that’s great for the whole family!
Supercow doesn’t give milk, she just rocks! Hurry up to save the world from the mad genius!
Dear players! Here are two important notes to make the gameplay even better!
– There are four control modes, including the tilting one. You can easily change them at any time while playing by pressing the button to the right of the menu button at the top of the screen.
– If the Supercow gets stuck, just use the “Deja Vu” menu option. It will bring the Supercow back to the latest save point.

What’s New
– Android – 5.0 Lollipop incompatibility problem fixed

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