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Super Daddio 2 Apk v1.6 Android Download

Super Daddio 2 post

Help Daddio save his girlfriend. Defeat enemies by stomping on them or throwing weapons at them.
Battle big bosses in this exciting side scrolling action packed game.
Power-up with a jetpack and fly high into the sky and come down and stomp more bad guys.

Xperia Play Optimized
Use arrow keys to run left/right
Square button to dash/throw
X button to jump

Professional and original chip tunes and pixel artwork created specifically for Super Daddio 2.

What’s new Super Daddio 2 v1.6:
Supports Immersive Mode which hides system navigation and status bars
Daddio transitions running left to right are now slightly more nimble
Moving horizontal and vertical platforms are now little less sticky or having less resistance
Sound file formats changed for portability
Game framework and SDKs updated to latest versions

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