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SUMo Pro Full +Serial Keygen Download


Sumo is a program designed to maintain the practical applications using the day, providing an easy way to see if an update is available for a particular program or not.

Scan your computer for installed applications automatically

Although it may seem a little complicated, added automatically scans the computer and analyzed to determine the software installed to date tools, and with minor improvements.

There is also the possibility to do all the manual work by dragging and dropping an executable file in the main window, or by entering a directory of the unit or custom, so let SUMo analysis and check for updates.

Clean and intuitive interface

The interface is simple and intuitive, which shows all installed applications and versions, and upgrade versions available for obsolete utilities.

In addition, there are dedicated buttons on the bottom of the main window to review, analyze, add, delete or ignore the programs, making it easy to manage everything.


Automatic detection of installed applications
Detects required updates / patches for software
Detects update necessary drivers (driving license required)
Filter Beta versions / enable (user settings)
Ignore List: controls only the software you want to track
More compatibility and less false positive than others Update Monitors (according to users comments ��
Internationalization support.

SUMo Pro

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