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Space Bounties Inc. Apk v2.0 Full Download

Space Bounties Inc

Then get in contact with Space Bounties!

At Space Bounties we will hunt down any wanted fugitives in the Universe for a very reasonable price. No bounty mission is to small and no bounty mission is to dangerous!

GAME Space Bounties Inc. v2.0:

Space Bounties Inc. is a strategy game where you recruit bounty hunters to capture or terminate dangerous fugitives.

FEATURES  Space Bounties Inc. v2.0:
• Procedurally generated content so each new game is unique.
• Bounty hunters and fugitives are created on each new game with different health, attributes, weapons and abilities.
• Procedurally generated space locations including planet surfaces.
• Buy and sell equipment at the base.
• Loot minerals, money and alien relics on bounty missions.
• Upgradable character attributes, weapons, armor and equipment.
• Advanced and flexible turn-based combat system.
• Three game difficulty levels.
• Starting tutorial and in-game help through all sections.

This game has no adverts or IAP (in-app purchases).

What’s new:
* Fixed a bug on small and large screen resolutions when using drag & drop to transfer equipment between bounty hunters.

This app has no advertisements

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