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SoftColor PhotoEQ Full +Serial Download


Once you get your hands on a camera, you realize that the shots simply pressing a button at the right time, but to make good photos even involves some finishing to do. Basically, PhotoEQ will help add the finishing everything that you can take key.

Quickly do the job

Enjoy intuitive design, you will be able to improve an image in seconds. The main window is divided into two parts, to provide a better view of origin and processing of that will suffer. When you load an image file, the program will automatically correct errors that could not be avoided when using the camera. Most of the time, this will be sufficient, which means that you can save the best version of the original.

Manual removal of all deficiencies

In addition, you can process the image more yourself if the proposed changes to the program are not enough. All necessary editing options are mainly composed of controls that allow quick and easy correction picture.

Every change you make can be saved so that you can apply directly to other images that totals. This can easily be done for each option by clicking on an icon of a padlock. In addition, you can use a built-in magnifying glass for a better view, even the smallest details.

To finish

But soon PhotoHQ promises an image to make it narrow, and he does it. The user-friendly interface and easy to use options make it accessible to even the most inexperienced. In most cases it is difficult to know exactly what to do to make a photo look better, but this app gives you a little hint, if not do the work for you.



SoftColor PhotoEQ

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