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Sentinels of the Multiverse Apk v1.3.3 Full Paid

Sentinels of the Multiverse

What’s new Sentinels of the Multiverse v1.3.3:
The first main expansion is now available! Rook City includes 2 heroes, 4 villains, and 2 environments. Expansion Season Pass 1 owners will automatically receive Rook City.
• Mask of the Matriarch no longer plays another card after itself is played.
• Volatile Parts now correctly does 2 fire damage.
• Fixed a bug with the variant unlock condition for Dark Watch Mr. Fixer. Now, the variant cannot be unlocked as a result of The Chairman dealing damage.

Sentinels of the Multiverse is the award-winning game in which players join forces as heroes to combat a dastardly villain in a dynamic environment. At long last, you can play a 100% faithful adaptation of Sentinels on your tablet!

The digital version of Sentinels of the Multiverse plays like a comic book come to life! If you’ve ever turned the page to a climactic battle between Heroes and Villains and thought “I wish I could control this,” then Sentinels is the game for you!
The rules of the game are deceptively simple: Play a Card, Use a Power, and Draw a Card. What makes Sentinels of the Multiverse unique is that each card has special abilities that can create powerful combos or even change the rules of the game!

This digital version includes all content from the Sentinels of the Multiverse Enhanced Edition:
• 10 Heroes: Absolute Zero, Bunker, Fanatic, Haka, Legacy, Ra, Tachyon, Tempest, The Visionary, & The Wraith
• 4 Villains: Baron Blade, Citizen Dawn, Grand Warlord Voss, & Omnitron
• 4 Environments: Insula Primalis, Megalopolis, Ruins of Atlantis, & Wagner Mars Base
Every rule & interaction in the game has been carefully adapted and thoroughly tested by expert Sentinels players, as well as the designer himself. If you’re wondering how a certain situation works in SotM, this game is the ultimate rules lawyer!

Features Sentinels of the Multiverse v1.3.3:
• Original music brings the Multiverse to life like you’ve never heard before. Rock out to the official Sentinels Theme Song, along with ambient tracks for each environment.
• Beautifully rendered environment backdrops put you right in the action.
• Brand new artwork for every Hero and Villain in the game, created by Sentinels of the Multiverse artist Adam Rebottaro himself.
• Over 9,000 different potential battles to choose from by combining the 10 Heroes, 4 Villains, and 4 Environments.
• Play a solo game with three to five heroes, or pass & play with your friends.

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