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Screenpresso Pro v1.5.6.0 Full Download


Screenpresso Pro v1.5.6.0 is an application that is easy to use tool to create screenshots with built-in image editor and the ability to save images created on the Internet. It allows you to capture the entire screen, part of it, a certain window (including rolling), as well as to capture high definition video, with storage in the format of MP4, WebM, WMV, OGG or export in HTML5.

The built-in editor allows you to crop the image, add drop shadows, rounded corners, reflection, text, and more. Screenshot ready to be sent to Twitter, Facebook, G-Mail, Evernote, Flickr or FTP server, and send the video to Youtube service,.

Features Screenpresso Pro v1.5.6.0
Capture the entire screen area, a window with one click
Capture high definition video
Slide the screen using bonding mechanism
Clean transparency borders and corners on Vista and Windows 7
add watermark
Save the screenshots and videos sorted by date
Drag and drop screenshots of true history in any program to work with images and videos
Export video clips MP4 (H264), WebM, Ogv, WMV, HTML 5
Send via e-mail. mail: easy attachment files to e-mail clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, GMail (direct insertion)
Send to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitpic, FTP, Flickr, G-Mail, Minus, Dropbox, Imgur, ImageShack
sending Cloudpresso
Send to Evernote (works even if Evernote is not installed!)
Perform custom scripts
Based on vector graphics editor
Image effect: shadows, borders, reflection, background color, rotation
Drawing tools: arrows, rectangles, ellipses, numbering, text boxes, bubble, footnotes …
Painting confidential data
Do not require installation, does not require administrator privileges
Capture Video: Workspace is now open after canceling video capture
Capture: it is now possible to determine the Windows desktop image and color while capturing a done.
Fixing bugs,.

Screenpresso Pro v1.5.6.0

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