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Pinnacle Game Profiler v9.0.0.333 Build 8.1.7 Full Download


Pinnacle Game Profiler v9.0.0.333 Build 8.1.7 is a program that allows you to emulate your keyboard and mouse with your video game controller, and otherwise customize the behavior of the supervisor. Many computer games do not directly support game controllers, but with Pinnacle Game Profiler you can use almost any controller to play almost any game! Games that support the standard control system comfortable keyboard / mouse, can now be controlled using a gamepad,.

Pinnacle Game Profiler ability
Universal support for compatibility with almost all control devices.
Simulate keystrokes (keystroke / delay / release button lock).
Simulate mouse clicks, mouse movements and mouse movements scroller.
Built-in update feature makes your program PinnacleUpdate Pinnacle always modern.
Take a set of predefined commands and configuration for your game using PinnacleUpdate.
Fully compatible with XBOX 360 controller interface and XInput.
2 separate trigger event (pressing and releasing) gives you great control and flexibility.
Make the switch command and command handling.
Support directional control panel consists of three styles: standard 4-Way, simple 4-Way, and 8-Way.
Set the joystick to run or walk depending on how far you tilt your joystick.
Identify «shift» key to double the number of commands that you define the controller.
Easily run the game by using the start menu or Pinnacle icon in the system tray.
Determining the famous game and automatically create a profile for them.
Develop ImageGuide for the controller to control you, while you assign commands.
On screen help hold you use this program.
Print a configuration controller for visual communication while you’re playing, and many more,.
Pinnacle – offers a complete range of features to build and modify custom game profiles
Take advantage of the full emulation capabilities: keyboard, mouse, controller. With Pinnacle, each device can mimic other.
Use special gaming features such as assistant sniper, rapid-fire button, the control force-feedback.
Make any button to do anything, even the Guide button on the Xbox 360 and the same controller.
Do more with buttons and controls using our patented dual-command, cycle, turn off, some countries shift, and macro capabilities are limited.
Get more out of control analogous to flipping axis, adjust the sensitivity on-the-fly, and use the analog-to-digital conversion capabilities Pinnacle (eg, walking or running depending on how far you tilt the joystick).
Control of 3rd party applications while you are playing the game: push-to-talk or video capture on any button.
profile design to control the Home Theater PC, multimedia applications, volume, screen resolution, and Microsoft Windows.

Pinnacle Game Profiler v9.0.0.333 Build 8.1.7

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