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Photo Ninja 1.2.6 [x86x64] +Crack Download


PhotoNinja (formerly Noise Ninja) is a professional-grade raw converter and image editor that gives you powerful new tools to get the best possible results from your digital camera. Built from the ground up with world-class image processing technology, it delivers exceptional image quality, quickly and easily.

Detail is crisp and impressive, and images have a uniquely pleasing and realistic look.
Includes all-new Noise Ninja 3.0 noise reduction filter with improved noise suppression and better preservation of detail.
Best-of-breed tools quickly and easily tame highlights, extract detail from shadows, overcome backlighting, and even out excessive contrast — all with natural-looking results.
One-of-a-kind detail enhancement reveals latent detail and adds drama to your images without the usual halo artifacts.
Amazing highlight recovery convincingly repairs many overexposed images.
Built-in color styles help you get pleasing color quickly and easily, with carefully chosen treatments for skin and other key hues.
Optimized for RAW, but can also achieve impressive results with JPEG and TIFF.
Simple and fast “point-and-go” browser lets you access your image collection directly. No need to import into a catalog or library.
Can be used standalone or as a companion for other platforms like Photo Mechanic, Lightroom, and Aperture.
TRIAL LICENSE: You can request a two-week trial license key by sending an email request to support1@picturecode.com


Version 1.2.5:
Added camera support: Canon EOS 5DS/5DSR, EOS 750 D, EOS 670D, EOS M3
Added camera support: Nikon D7200, 1 J5
Added camera support: Fujifilm XQ2, X-T10
Added camera support: Samsung NX500
Added camera support: Olympus E-M5ii, SH-2
Added camera support: Pentax Q-S1
Fixed crop for Sony A7Rii
Fixed 12/14-bit issue with Samsung NX1
Fix loading of images from Fujifilm X-100T cameras with early firmware

Photo Ninja 1.2.6

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