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New Alice’s Mad Tea Party Apk 1.5.0 Money Mod Download

New Alice's Mad Tea Party post

Alice has somehow found herself back in Wonderland! And it turns out Dinah has been kidnapped by the Queen of Hearts!

What is our young heroine to do?!

Following the advice of the cheshire cat, Alice decides to hold a splendid tea party in a plot to get back Dinah.

Will everything go according to plan…?
Features New Alice’s Mad Tea Party :
1. Original characters from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland☆
Features the cheshire cat, the Queen of Hearts, the March Hare and many more of your favorite characters! You can even invite them to your garden!

2. Decorate your garden with a smorgasbord of cute, and mysterious decorations♪
Collect decorations and build a wonderful garden of your own!

3. Harvest sweets from mysterious sweets trees.
Collect roll cakes, cherry tarts, macarons and much more. Serve up delicious sweets to satisfy your guests♪

What’s New In New Alice’s Mad Tea Party :
What’s new in Version 1.5?
– We’ve added decorations that give you XP.
Place new decorations, “Pat’s Pantry” or “Croquet Contest Flag,” in your garden and you’ll receive XP at fixed intervals of time!
If you’re having trouble getting XP, this is just the decoration for you!
– We’ve raised the max level from 40 to 43!
– We’ve raised the max friendship level from 10 to 15!
– We’ve added new decorations.
We’ve added new decoration series such as “Flower Gardening.”

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