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Maxidix Wifi Suite Full 15.9.2 Build 890 Download


Wifi Maxidix Complete Suite Version 15.9.2 Build 890 is a program that you can use to create your own point of access from your PC or laptop. For those who want to turn your PC or laptop into a hotspot that can connect to another computer or other portable device, you can use the full wireless set Maxidix this program. In addition to his laptop in a suite of software without complete WiFi wireless Maxidix is ​​also, of course, can be used to monitor all connected to the access point and manage it.

Maxidix Wifi complete suite made a similar total fracture Connectify Hotspot Pro already divided on this website gigapurbalingga function. For features and ease of use are generally the same, so stay on your own selection of applications that want to use to make your laptop in a Wi-Fi laptop.

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In Maxidix Wifi complete package already containing the keygen program that can be used to treat aktifasinya. What do you wait before downloading and installing Maxidix Wifi Suite full version is now.
Features Maxidix Wifi Suite full version

Automatically connect to ad hoc networks
Because Vista errors is impossible to connect noticed ad hoc network, the software automatically connects to ad hoc networks that require wireless access point or even (WAP) will be deleted.
High accuracy of the information
Wifi Suite all available information, including the quality of the Wi-Fi signal or network gives network profiles.
Enter or leave a network profiles
Maxidix Wifi Suite you will be able to help you save a profile in the network for use when needed. For example, you can back up your system or reinstall Windows network, then use the previous configuration.
Quick Connect
When Windows wants to be connected to a wireless network to update their information at least twice. Once before and after the attempted connection authentication. This behavior means that when you connect to the network increases. To speed up the communication process using Wifi Suite Maxidix an algorithm to analyze the sense that it has collected all the necessary information to connect to increasing the connection speed of up to 6 times.
Network Statistics
Monitor activity on the network connections and the network allow you to get accurate information on network traffic.

Maxidix Wifi Suite 15.9.2 Build 890

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