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Mage War Paid v1.13 Apk Download

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What’s New
v1.13: Major update.
— Added a new map (in response to popular request).
— Added 5 new upgradable classes of summon units for the new map (Medusa class, Hellhound class, Giant Spider class, Witch class and Giant Turtle class) and 1 new non-upgradable class (Ancient Golem).
— Some minor bug fixes.

Recruit speciality troops and summon creatures to join your army. Lead your army into battle for your troops to gain experience and upgrade to higher classes.
Attack, cast spells and use special abilities to defeat your enemies and expand your territory.
Hire heroes and attach them to your units for additional capabilities. Mix and match using more than 40 troops types and 18 heroes to compose your dream army.

Extensive testing had been performed to ensure the game loads and runs correctly, but there are too many android devices and some might have different system behaviors that result in problem.
Mage War is known to have issues with the following devices (1 so far)
* Motorola Citrus: black screen upon start up.

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