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Kingo Android Root Full Download

Kingo-Android-RootKingo Android ROOT is an application to provide root-level access to an Android device. Root-level access is a God-like mode within an Android or Linux operating system which provides greater access to the internal workings of the device itself, opens the door to improved firewall and virus scanning security, and can change the user-interface that the device owner can enjoy. Android ROOT installs on the Windows XP (SP2), Vista, 7 or 8 and can then be transferred over to the Android device via a USB cable with UB debugging mode is turned on.


To install Kingo Android Root, first the application has to be downloaded and installed to Windows. Internet access needs to be enabled at this stage. With Kingo Android Root running, the USB cable needs to be connected between the Windows PC and the Android device. USB debugging mode needs to be turned on with the Android device for the installation to the mobile device to work.

Once the device is connected via USB, the software should present the correct make and model of the connected Android device. There will also be some warnings and information before proceeding with setting up root with the Android device. If you are sure you wish to proceed, the Root button at the bottom of the Windows application is the one to use.

Once the Root process has been completed, the software will confirm that it has successfully added Kingo Android Root to the Android device. The Android device now needs to be rebooted to use the installed software.

Kingo Android Root

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