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iCorrect Portrait 2.0 Full Download


iCorrect Portrait is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop is very useful for color correction for portrait, wedding, school, sport, and event photographers. This is the quickest and easiest ways to make each portrait as vivid. Just a few clicks, you can immediately fix the white balance, exposure, and color of any portrait.

Point-and-Click Color Correction
Automatically set black point and white point
Easily adjust brightness and contrast
Automatically correct color balance, skin tones, and other colors with just a click!
Time saving workflow options and custom settings

Time-Saving Features
User-definable custom settings
Save corrections as Custom Settings and apply the same correction to multiple images.
Launch iCorrect Portrait to start with Custom Settings or Previous Settings as a starting point for large jobs.
Add your own custom Memory Colors to suit your preferences or add backgrounds, team colors, and other items.
Record iCorrect Portrait into an Action for automated workflows.
Now Includes Sharpening and Noise Removal
iCorrect Portrait now includes two image processing tools that go beyond color correction: sharpening and noise removal
Apply sharpening and noise removal in combination with color correction.
Since sharpening can also make noise more pronounced, if you will be applying both effects, it is usually beneficial to set them up and preview them together.
The noise removal controls are grouped as Red Chrominance and Blue Chrominance

iCorrect Portrait

Download Files Below:

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