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IceCream Screen Recorder 2.26 Full+Patch Download


IceCream Screen Recorder 2.26 (17.59 MB) is a free program that allows you to capture video from the screen, as well as how to take a screenshot of all the windows, and the selected area. This application has a complete set of tools required for professional video screen, because it is very intuitive and easy to use. Shooting games, Skype, webinars and more from the screen just became easier.


Select the zone to create a video or display on your computer screen with a single click.
Draw, trace, indicated by the arrow, or text print screenshots future or video directly while shooting.
Quick access to all video recording or monitor.
Adjusting the volume of the microphone and sound system.
Save screenshot to the clipboard or send email to Skype.
You decide: whether to remove the mouse, turn off the screen saver, hide desktop icons, etc.
A click will present a screen server Android Icecream cards and send them to friends or colleagues links.
Use keyboard shortcuts to manage the video recording of the screen and make screenshots.

IceCream Screen Recorder 2.26

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