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Helo.X [Pro Edition] Apk v1.0 Paid

Helo.X [Pro Edition] v1

Helo.X [HELICOPTER REGIMENT] is an advanced military helicopter flight simulator for mobile and tablet devices. Take off from the battlefield and fly around real terrain generated from height models and satellite imagery in beautiful Switzerland in either the Apache AH-64, Iroquois UH-1 or the KA-50 Hokum helicopters. Fly combat missions carefully designed to test your flying skills and tactical knowledge. You’ll need to use countermeasures/flares to protect yourself from mobile enemy (surface-to-air missiles) SAMs and vehicles, then take them out with your missiles and on-board machine gun.

★ Free Flight – enjoy Switzerland or destroy it’s environment
★ Takeoff, Cargo Drop and Target practice missions
★ Night refuel – stay close to your tanker
★ Escort – defend your escort aircraft
★ Cargo Drop – drop much needed cargo to a downed aircraft

★ No ads!
★ Accurate flight dynamics models
★ Fully functioning cockpit with instruments/dials/HUD
★ Countermeasure (flares) for inbound missiles
★ Guns, rockets and missiles
★ AI aircraft/SAMs
★ High-resolution beautiful terrain
★ Interactive environment (e.g. trees catch on fire, vehicles blow up)
★ Detailed army helicopter models (AH-64D Apache, UH-1 Iroquois, KA-50 Hokum)

NOTE: This game is visually intensive. Minimum devices tested are the Samsung Galaxy S2 (on the low quality setting).

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