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Google Earth Pro Full

Google Earth Pro

Google Earth is the view of the world through satellite imagery. This program is a reflection of what can be found at maps.google.com.

The principle of operation of the program is access to the world, using a mouse can freely rotate, zoom, look attractive corners of our planet.

App gives you the ability to search for restaurants, hotels, monuments, etc. special mark that allows you to find many places that are very interesting. To find a specific city in the search field, type the name of the city and state. If the name is spelled correctly, simply press enter and the program will take us to the desired location.

In short, Google Earth is an innovative tool for virtual journey through virtually every corner of the planet.

Innovation Google Earth:
Make 3D analysis
The geographical information and analysis
Border Intuitive (show directions and so forth)
Make arrangements, making the addition and subtraction
Displays date worldwide

Google Earth Pro

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