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GlassWire Pro Full 1.1.26 Beta +Patch Download


Although it is not always informed, processes and applications connect to the occasion
Internet to send and receive data. For this reason, the computer can be hijacked or infected with malware,
especially if you are not aware of the vulnerability and do not take measures to protect the system
unauthorized access.
Applications monitoring, and network activity
• Wire Glass is a program that provides security to your aroundtheclock
Internet, check the network traffic in and out. Therefore, it is possible to detect and
Learn more about each service or process that uses your bandwidth, and
IP addresses for each third connection.
• To make the information easier to read, the screen of the tool presents information in graphical form, which is
updated every few seconds with the power network activity. In addition, mail service also alerts
when a new connection is detected and you can view and separate power supplies for common applications
Internet traffic.
Block or allow applications through the firewall
• Capacity tool firewall can be used to protect against unwanted connections, which
and block some applications to transfer data via the Internet. Therefore, you can
choose which applications are allowed to use the network to send or receive data with a simple click
in the list.
• In terms of bandwidth, wire glass able to verify every byte of data transiting
through the system and display information in an intuitive way, using graphs and statistics.
Thank you for this, you can see exactly which applications use more bandwidth and IP address
the receiving end and the protocol used in the transmission.
An alert border guards
• however, provide any wire glass needed to monitor network activity and
protect your computer against unauthorized connections. In addition, the interface is intuitive and modern

Make dozens, making it very easy for anyone to make the best of their ability without prior authorization
experience required.
• Not available

OS: Windows 7/7 64-bit / 64 08/08 bit / 64-bit 10/10

GlassWire Pro 1.1.26 Beta

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