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Faronics Deep Freeze Standard Full v8.31.020.4642 Download

Faronics Deep Freeze Server Enterprise

Faronics Deep Freeze Standard  is the answer. Do not waste time waiting for imaging solutions to restore your computer all you need is a simple reboot! Do you need to protect thousands of workstations in your company or just one PC at home, Deep Freeze is right for the job. Is your computer running Windows and Mac? No problem, we’ve got both covered. And Deep Freeze is also ready to protect your server provides 100% availability,.

Features Faronics Deep Freeze Standard :
Storing data on reboot by using complementary Faronics Data Igloo, which allows you to redirect user profiles, folders, and registry keys to drive thawed.
Easy deployment is available in two deployment options. Faronics Deep Freeze can be used as part of your imaging solution or you can deploy as a silent install natively.
Eliminate tips with a simple restart, ensuring the availability of 100%. Whether you have downloaded something corrupt, toxic site visit, or make some other kind of intentional change, there is no need to worry. With Deep Freeze is installed, if there is something that is chaotic, simply reboot the computer and will be returned to the desired configuration.
Increase your security with solutions that make your computer immune to common problems such as malware and accidental changes. In addition to securing the operating system, Deep Freeze also protects the master boot record of injections rootkits, making your security really bulletproof,.

Faronics Deep Freeze Standard v8.23.060.4617

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