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Dwarven Chess: Goblin Campaign Apk v1.0 Full+ Mod

Dwarven Chess Goblin Campaign

Learn Chess the fun and easy way through unique challenges in single player campaign as your Dwarves face Warg Riders, Goblin Raiders, Cannon Trolls, bombs, mortars, and traps! Then challenge yourself in Online Player vs Player (PvP) as either the Dwarven or Goblin army!

The first game of its kind, Dwarven Chess uses the addictive core of Chess combined with 3D fantasy pieces, boards, backgrounds and alternate moves to unleash new strategies in this ancient game! Great for players ages 9-90, levels based on Minesweeper, Sobokan, naval battles, and outpost sieges introduce new players to the fun challenge of Chess, but varying difficulty levels will challenge the masters!

FEATURES Dwarven Chess: Goblin Campaign v1.0

– Full version of Dwarven Chess- unlocked Goblin Campaign – 7 new challenges with 23 levels, 15 more pieces, 7 new Boards and Environments, full storyline and accompanying art of the Goblins and Orcs uniting with powerful new allies to wage war on the Dwarves!

– Dwarven Campaign: 8 unique challenges with 24 levels!
– Goblin Campaign: 7 unique challenges with 23 levels!*
– 30 unique 3D Characters
– 15 unique 3D Backgrounds
– Table-top mode in Standard and Dwarven rules Chess
– Play vs the computer AI in Standard or “Dwarven Rules” Chess
– Play online player vs player in Standard or “Dwarven Rules” Chess!!!
– If you like The Hobbit, Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings, you’ll love Dwarven Chess!!!!
– Possibly the most in- depth Chess Variant the app world has ever seen!!!!
– *Goblin Campaign is an in-app purchase

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