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dslrBooth Photo Booth Pro v4. Full Download


dslrBooth Photo Booth Pro v4. if you are looking to run a photo booth using a DSLR camera and computer, then you have found the solution you need. We build our photo booth software out of the same needs. dslrBooth is a simple application that will force your photo booth as well as for many others around the world. Our users rave about our software.

We build our photo booth software of needs. We searched the internet and found a software that can do the job but they were all either too complicated, cost an arm and a leg, or do not do the job. So we came up with a simple application that bridges the gap that went missing from a single image to be printed and branded professional photo printing booth. Of course, we made sure to not imitate poor solutions out there, our software is simple, inexpensive, and just work.

Features dslrBooth Photo Booth Pro v4.
Compatible with PC and Mac.
Triggers the camera to take some photos and create print.
Full control over the look and feel of the final print, including your own graphics, logos, and text. Including strong Template Editor in Windows Edition.
Save all images and fingerprints.
Works with all digital SLR camera for your computer can see them. Sorry, there is no support for webcams as we are sticklers for quality.
Highest quality prints all software similar to thanks to your pro digital SLR cameras combined with the latest technology in image processing. Standard Edition supports 4Г-6. Professional Edition adds support for all sizes of paper,
Optimized for touch screens.
Photobooth optional unattended Classic Mode: Click the button and have a countdown with automatic cameras snapping up to 4 images.
Many layout options in the Standard Edition.
Share Online: You can share photos on facebook, twitter, and a few dozen other social media sites.
Triggering of a button or footswitch.
Men, Women, and Customizable Audio Prompt (Windows only).
Allows guests to add an effect similar to instagram or add it automatically (Windows only).
View in ipad: Guests can see their prints directly on the iPad using the eye-fi card.
4Г-8, 5Г-7, 6Г-8, 8Г-10, and all other paper sizes.
Creating a custom layout. Add your own photos, and rotate their position them anywhere you want.
Green Screen (Chroma Keying) which allows the replacement of a green or blue background with custom background. We use state of the art technology Green Screen and our usual style has taken all the complexity of doing green screen. This process is completely automated and easy.
Live View that allows people to see the video of themselves before the camera takes a picture. This is supported by most of the latest DSLR cameras.
Automatic upload to Facebook page in real-time,.

dslrBooth Photo Booth Pro v4.

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