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Download VMware Workstation 12 Pro +Serial Keys


12 Pro with key VMware Workstation series – continues the tradition of VMware offer the most valuable features and functions that technical professionals rely on every day when working with virtual machines. With the support of the latest version of Windows and Linux, the most advanced processors to date and hardware, and the ability to connect to VMware vSphere, vCloud except Air, it is a wonderful tool to improve productivity, to save time and conquer the real cloud.

VMware Workstation and 12 Pro will be an easier way, very few fast and reliable to evaluate new operational programs, applications and patches, and reference architectures in virtualized environments is isolated and safely. No other desktop virtualization software provides the performance, reliability and advanced experts desktop capabilities.

Key features of VMware Workstation 12

Improved connections
Powerful 3D graphics display
Designed for Microsoft Windows 10 and more
Create powerful virtual machines
Ready for high resolution screens
Ready for the latest hardware
Build virtual networks
Harnessing the power of vSphere and vCloud Air
Virtual Machines
Take productivity to the next level
Superb user interface
Run restricted virtual machines
Cross compatibility of the virtual machine
Protect your work and save time
New VMware Workstation 12?

Microsoft DirectX 10 Support
Ready for Microsoft Windows 10, Ubuntu 04.15, RHEL 7.1, Fedora 22
4K display support
Multiple monitor support host with different DPI settings
More than 39 new features
OpenGL 3.3 Support
VM Host interrupt automatic shutdown
P2V – Migrating from Windows 10 PC World Championships
Yes NAT support IPv6 rip here
Energy vCloud air operations (yes, no, cancel, CV)
USB 3.0 support for Windows 7
Enable VMware Workstation 12?

Download and install VMware Workstation, 12 of the links below
Download and open the serial key file
Since the key to the series using the file
Clear and enjoy with VMware Workstation 12 Key Pro Series.

VMware Workstation 12 Pro

Download Files Below:

VMware Workstation 12 Pro Trial for Windows 64-bit (292 MB) || MIRROR1MIRROR2
VMware Workstation 12 Pro for Linux 64-bit (355 MB) || MIRROR1MIRROR2
VMware Workstation 12 Pro Serial Key (1 MB) || MIRROR1MIRROR2