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Download- Tiny Gem Hunter Apk 1.4.2 Money Mod

Tiny Gem Hunter post

The story is about one Dino and one little girl’s friendship and the adventure of traveling around the world to find the caves full of gemstones. Dino envy golden dragon’s treasure but he don’t want to be like golden dragon to attack human village. Therefore, he take little girl’s suggestion, he use his own power to collect gemstones.

Key features:
1. Clear and simple objective and fast paced gameplay
2. 7 special islands with over 140 levels
3. Adorable characters and cute stories
4. Social system allow you challenge your friends
5. Superpowers
6. Physics collisions gameplay

※ Language support English 、 Traditional Chinese 、Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

Download Direct Link:

Tiny Gem Hunter v1.4.2  || Download Link1 OR Download Link2

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