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Download- Rival Knights Apk v1.2.0l Free Shopping

Rival Knights

What’s New
Master every art of war in this new update!
– New Modes: Crossbow shooting & obstacle courses for fresh and new challenges!
– 4 New Battlefields, each with new music & sound effects.
– Prestige Titles: Show the crowd who’s the bravest knight!
– Expanded story: Learn more about your friends & rivals!
– New Art Style: Bosses like to take care of their appearance. Discover each one’s new look!
– Larger crowds: See how more and more of your fans flock to the arena to witness your prowess!


√ Experience the thrill of fast-paced & highly addictive jousting for free
√ Sharpen your war skills with precision timing & aim
√ Battle ruthless foes & rival clans across 5 leagues to seize their castles & thrones
√ Embark on an adventure across the kingdom, become a champion & etch your name into history!

√ Motion-capture animations for knights & horses immerse you in battle like never before in a free game
√ Enjoy stunning, lifelike 3D graphics and dynamic camera angles
√ Compete in a breathtaking environment with changing weather conditions & time of day
√ Send rivals flying with real-time ragdoll physics & slow-motion effects

√ Unlock over 120 mounts, lances, armors, helms & more
√ Upgrade them at the Blacksmith to gain an edge over opponents
√ Use temporary boosts wisely to triumph in your adventure
√ Customize your crest to strike fear into your rivals

√ Challenge other players in asynchronous multiplayer games
√ Enter weekly PvP multiplayer tournaments for glory…
√ …and win King-sized rewards!

Will you ride to victory, or fall in battle?

These are troubled times for you & your people. Your kingdom is in debt, the king slain in war, no one has claimed the Champions’ Thrones, & enemy clans are massing at the kingdom’s borders.

Embark on an epic quest & get ready to battle your way through intense solo and multiplayer challenges in this free new jousting game. Journey from castle to castle in search of adventure & action.

Claim the Champions’ Thrones with your friends. Become a legend of jousting, grab the tournament chest & save your kingdom from the hands of the awful Lord Cunnings.

Forget about fantasy MMO games, castle games & war games. If you are looking for a true fantasy adventure, this free game is for you. It features massive multiplayer online (MMO) tournaments, clans, epic knight battles, all set in a breathtaking medieval fantasy kingdom, for free. The war for the Champions’ Thrones is on!

Download Direct Link:

Rival Knights v1.2.0l  || Download Link1 OR Download Link2
Rival Knights v1.2.0l  || Download Link1 OR Download Link2

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