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Download- The Owlman Of Mawnan Smith v1.1 Apk

The Owlman Of Mawnan Smith v1.1 mod free


The legend goes that around two centuries ago, as revenge for being put on trial for witchcraft, a Dark Witch who lived in Mawnan Woods conjured a malevolent spirit in the shape of an Owlman with red glowing eyes and deadly sharp claws, to terrorise the inhabitants of the woods, or any stray soul who happened to find themselves alone in the woods after dark.

The Witch may be long gone, but every now and then a large, winged creature is reported by terrified witnesses.

Your mission:

Uncle Jack has always been obsessed with the folklore and legends of Cornwall, from the legend of King Arthur and Camelot, to the Giants, ‘Small People’, Witches, Mermaids, Pirates and Sea Monsters, Uncle Jack has written books about them all.

Now he’s gone missing!

He set out a week ago in his old camper van to research some kind of Owlman in a village called Mawnan Smith, and nobody has heard from him since.

You must find him before the night falls and the Owlman returns!

ARE YOU STUCK? There is a walkthrough video at (www.thesteampunkstudio.com)

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