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Download Hot Virtual Keyboard +Keygen


Hot Virtual Keyboard is an intuitive program that gives you access to a virtual keyboard on the screen using the touch screen or mouse. It is very useful when your real keyboard has problems, such as clogged or slow key response.

In addition to the standard keyboard also proposes to change the input language, Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo and features, review, and modify keyboard shortcuts and access options.

During initialization, the tool creates an icon in the taskbar, where you can show or hide the virtual keyboard and access to their choice.

Screen Keyboard stays on top of other windows as standard, and you can run automatically at startup its priority, and change the subject and shoot styles.

Other accent the look of customization options on the level of transparency, wallpaper, fonts and character character. In addition, you can lock the size and aspect ratio of the window, set the time to disappear, writing help define settings (eg enable AutoClick and the repeat button), and with the help of gestures .

Other Hot Virtual Keyboard feature enables the words AUTO mode, download the dictionary in an online database, block the Language bar, hide the traces and icons for Windows, enable audio, add dependencies , and others. The settings are reset to their default values ​​at any time.

Hot Virtual Keyboard works with a small amount of CPU and system memory, so it is not a burden for the performance of the team. It has a very good response time and smooth, without the operating system for blockage, failure or display error dialogs. Thank you options that are both simple and advanced, intuitive, and many Hot Virtual Keyboard must meet the requirements of all users.

Hot Virtual Keyboard

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