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Deep Freeze Standard Final Full Download


Deep Freeze is a system backup and recovery can disable all changes to the computer’s operating system on the next reboot.

This type of tool is recommended when you really do not want someone else to make the necessary changes for virtual systems.

In short, when Deep Freeze is activated, restore all default settings of your computer in the next boot.

How it works?

But beware, if you forget the program (gel method), and then make major changes (eg write and record important documents, install a software license), are all lost in the next version. And unfortunately, the activation or deactivation of Deep Freeze always require a reboot.

Master Password

You must enter a master password that can turn Deep Freeze. Make sure not to forget, because there is no way back.

Overall, the program may be difficult to understand, especially for users for the first time, but do not forget to check the help file before (for example, to perform the password window, and enable / disable the program, go to the system tray Deep Freeze, hold down the Shift key and double-click the left mouse button).

Uninstall the program

Uninstall can also be difficult because the frozen funds must be disabled. We, for example, have misunderstood some of its policies, and this caused we run in circles.

Deep Freeze Standard

Download Files Below:

Deep Freeze Standard ||  SetupKeygen