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Comodo Internet Security Premium Full +Serial Key


Comodo Internet Security Premium (215 MB) is an anti-virus program for the overall protection of the security and confidentiality of your data. Comodo antivirus, firewall, including antivirus and virtual environments – sandbox. It protects against viruses, online scams and malware sites. Comodo Antivirus protection against external threats.

Using Comodo Internet Security Premium, each of these components: Finishing antivirus and firewall + and offers the best protection against certain types of threat. Comodo Antivirus includes a comprehensive set of components, features and functions to provide a complete security system “prevention, detection and treatment” for his team.


Comodo Antivirus – antivirus attention that automatically detects and removes viruses, worms and other malware engine. With analysis of energy demand, access and scheduled scans, the CIS can now simply drag and drop the desired area on the main screen to instantly start scanning viruses thing.
Firewall – fully customizable firewall packet filtering, which continuously protects your computer against Internet attacks and outgoing.
Filter – This function adjusts firewall filtering access to websites in accordance with the rules and qualifications.
Comodo Defense + – a set of performance protection technology that is designed to protect the dignity, security and integrity of the operating system and user data.
Blockers character – prove every executable file and processes running on the computer, and avoid actions that could damage the equipment. Unknown procedures and the program will run automatically in the sandbox, where he worked under various restrictions, so they can not damage your computer. This gives fragile application (but harmless) for freedom, time for prayer reliable (and potentially dangerous) Comodo Internet Security prevents damage to equipment or data.
Viruscope – a system that allows a dynamic analysis of the characteristics of process control and keep track of their activities. Viruscope business processes on your computer and tell you if you try to suspicious activity.
HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention) – Intrusion Prevention System based on the law, which regulates the activity of all applications and processes on your computer. Comodo HIPS blocks the activity of malicious programs to stop all actions that could damage the operating system, system memory, registry or personal data.
Virtual Desktop – Virtual booth, isolated environment where they can launch programs and surf the Internet without fear that any activity may cause significant damage to computers. Thank you for the Virtual Keyboard to protect against keyloggers, home users will find a virtual newsstand Comodo Internet Security is suitable for applications such as online banking consumers. Advanced users will appreciate the ability to run a beta program in an environment that does not disrupt the stability of the real structure or file system.
Comodo Secure DNS – DNS service using a block list in real time (RBL) external effects (such as fraud sites, malicious sites, spyware sites, places with large amounts of advertising , etc.) and warns you when you try to log on for malicious content.
Comodo Disk Rescue – built in Comodo Internet Security allows you to save the master boot record that you find on Windows systems infected with the virus without any load on the local analysis system.
Other tools – improving the workplace, including a link that lets you keep some free Comodo security products, including antivirus Comodo cleaning services systems to monitor process activities and Comodo Cleaning Essentials Killswitch infected system .
Chromodo – fast and versatile browser based on chromium, using the unique security Comodo.

Comodo Internet Security Premium

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