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Chuckles and Mike Adventures v1.1


Using it as its vessel has vanquished you from your ship along with all your robot crew. Warping you to forgotten worlds. You’ll have to use your skills to forge your path across landscapes filled with danger. Worry not because Mike your 1st Liutenant Technician in warp gate technology, will aid you building armors for you to crush your foes. Also you will rely on a crono-recycler to go back in time each time you reach a horrible death.

*** Pure control, forget just tapping the screen, you’ll have controls to run, jump and shoot. You will traverse the maps to your liking as dangers prey on you on every corner. ¡A true game of the old school!

– Platform game that will test your skills to the limit!
– Over 100 leves and over 10 different worlds
– Some situations will require you to be cunning, not just raw firepower.
– Kill all foes, avoid death and collect all golden coin to get the highest score!
– Design optimized for 4.5″, 7″, 10″ screens

What’s new:
Bug fixes

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