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Candy’s Beauty Salon Full Version 1.0 Apk

Candy's Beauty Salon

How to play Candy’s Beauty Salon v1.0:
Open the game, the well decorated lobby will pop into your sight. Look, the customers are waiting for you to wow them with your talent. Now, check what would they feel like doing today by clicking them, then lead them to the equipment whose light is on. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to the treatment, you have to unlock your creativity to show them who you are as a therapist: do the nails, give face painting of your own design, and choose from a variety of hats or ties to dress the customers up. Now, let’s see how to get a perfect perm. Pick 6 of the rods from the box on the right and place them, after which a device will appear to show four available types of perms. Just push the button to start after you make the decision and turn it off at the right moment. The satisfied customer will be really sweet to award you hearts, with which you can exchange whatever you like to upgrade this place. Oh, don’t forget to put the tools in perfect order at your free time, and… Wait…Candy seems a little down, maybe she felt left out or something. Why not giving her a fresh look? Click her to meet the wardrobe and pick a nice uniform for our love. Look, we have a happy girl now.
Laughter and fun are thick in the air, even a little of that happiness will be told from the customers’ appearance. That’s why our little cutie gets so addicted to this business. Will you join her?

Features Candy’s Beauty Salon v1.0:
– 28 salon-themed minigames to unlock your inner therapist
– Loads of fun is waiting for you to enjoy
– A wide array of fine accessories to blow your mind away
– Dress up Candy to show us your unique taste in clothes
– Collect more loving hearts to make this place better

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