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Blue X World Paid 2.2.0 Apk Game


A unique adventure awaits you!

Play as male or female X with different abilities and get more power, skills and weapons during your adventure on the unknown planet. Fight through 14 ground – air – falling – water and underwater stages! Survive challenging bossfights and collect enough energy crystals to save your species. Transform into GravBall to change gravity, absorb enemy fire and a lot more! BXR mixes the classic retro game feeling like turrican, metroid or sonic with new rpg elemtents. This game is a 100% free indie production.

BXR features:

– unique gameplay and music
– level up system
– unlockable skills and weapons
– 2 different playable characters
– power ups and upgradable weapons
– damage system, critical hits
– flamethrower, grenades and lightning bolts
– transform into gravball to roll, absorb and reflect
– change gravity and hold on walls
– reflect enemy bullets with different shields
– learn to use heals, lifeleech and special powers
– time attack
– ingame Itemshop for ingame currency – no real money
– 14 stages and bossfights
– 100% indie
– no in app purchase

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