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BEAST BUSTERS feat.KOF Apk 1.4.0 Full Unlimited Coins/Medals

BEAST BUSTERS feat.KOF - Free post

BEAST BUSTERS feat.KOF v1.4.0 Features:
◆ The latest installment in the horror gun-shooting action game series “BEAST BUSTERS”!
The latest installment in the arcade game “BEAST BUSTERS” which was an international hit at its release in the arcades in 1989,
is now available to download on Android!
◆ Famous characters from “THE KING OF FIGHTERS” game series join the battle!
“Kyo Kusanagi”, the original hero of the “KOF” game series which turns 20 this year appears as a playable character!
Other KOF characters will also support you during your mission!
◆ Simple controls for the best gun-shooting experience!
With its very simple controls in which you aim on the left screen and shoot with the right screen, even the beginner players will be
able to enjoy “BEAST BUSTERS featuring KOF” from start!
◆ Gather “Fighter Cores” in order to power them up and make them evolve!
There are more than 100 different “Fighter Cores”, items in which inhabit the power of KOF fighters, in “BEAST BUSTERS featuring KOF”! Try to combine a lot of them with each other in other to strengthen and/or make evolve your abilities!
◆ Master your “Skills” to annihilate the Beasts!
Equip yourself with Fighter Cores in order to get “Skills”. Step up your status and activate Special Moves in order to increase your
player’s abilities.
◆ Play in co-op with your friends in “Multiplay” and advance through stages together!
A “Multiplay” game mode that allows you to play with your friends like arcade and PC games is available. Join forces and aim together for the stage goal!
【Supported OS】
Android 4.0.3 and above.

What’s New
1)Addition of Special Weapons
– New weapons with different attack patterns
2)Addition of new Special Missions
– Boss “Yang Guifei” comes back to life!
3)Addition of new Fighter Cores
– Heidern, Leona, Krizalid, Terry Bogard (GAROU: MOW ver.), Mai Shiranui (nurse cosplay ver.) and Beast Droid
4)Addition of new Platinum tickets
– Get tickets at when trying Rare Chance or selling cores. You can exchanged with special items!
5)Addition of evolution specifications to Power-Up fusion for cores

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