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AVS Video ReMaker Full Final Download

AVS-Video-ReMakerAVS Video ReMaker is the type of program that makes it easy and fun to play in, cut and combine clips into personal movies.
Using AVS Video ReMaker you can download several videos from your computer, organize them in the timeline, add transition effects, create chapters, interactive menus, and of course, export the newly created film.
All this is done with the help of a very comprehensive interface to be fair, it is pretty self explanatory. All graphic elements are arranged so that you instinctively guided through the process step by step.
Once a clip is loaded into the program, you can view and navigate to specific frames and keyframes. This gives you a complete and accurate to use features for sharing and adjustment control application.
They recently Divide can be easily classified in the timeline with drag and drop. You can add transition effects in the same way. AVS Video ReMaker offers categories such as diffuse transitions, fade, mosaic, Clock wipe, Stencil, Stretch, Pinwheel, Transportation, movies and more. The effects are immediate and can be viewed without paying the entire film. They operate smoothly and look good.
With the creation of AVS Video ReMaker chapter are also possible. You can choose to auto adjustment at the beginning of each clip or at a certain time interval.
The application provides a fairly generous number of disc menus to choose from. You can name, change background images, and even add audio tracks. When you are done customizing, you can taste the menus in the Preview section of the application.
In addition to load videos from your computer, you can also use AVS Video ReMaker to record video content from a connected device, and also capture the activity of the screen. You can then import these films in the program and used in his parish.
AVS Video ReMaker seem to have everything working in their favor. It is convenient, easy to use and allows you to create customized DVD movies in minutes.
• frame accurate editing processing, fast and without loss
• Removes parts from video files without re-encoding and preserve the original quality. This is a lossless conversion, which is pretty fast too.
• Wide range of supported formats
• Works with many MPEG files: MPEG 1 and MPEG-2, Video DVD including VOB and VRO (using associated IFO files), and even MPEG 4 AVI including DivX and XviD.
• The scene detection algorithm
• analyzes video files for likely places where scenes begin and end automatically. Divide into logical episodes. So there is no need to preview video frame by frame trying to find transitions manually.

OS: Windows 2K / XP / Vista / 7/7 64-bit / 8/2003

AVS Video ReMaker Final

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