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Age of Oblivion [RPG] Apk v1.1.1 Game Android

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There is a story that has been passed down through generations. A group of alien beings known as Venusians invaded Earth and attempted to conquer it, but were outnumbered by humans and defeated. They left behind a device that is rumored to be a super weapon capable of mass destruction. Even then some people still refuse to believe that the super weapon is alien technology.

Follow the adventures of a young teenager, Allen, who works as a Guardian, protecting his town’s Solar Crystal, an object that contains great energy. He will soon discover if the stories of the Venusians are real or if they were lies.

Perform powerful attacks, buff and heal your party in this RPG’s unique and fast battle system. Want a high HP and defence tank? Or perhaps high attack to decimate enemies? No problem! You can level your characters the way you want to and learn skills using experience points gained from fighting monsters.

Explore dungeons, fight bosses, get powerful weapons, experience the story and more in Age of Oblivion, a unique Role Playing Game for Android!

Has touchscreen controls, but is also optimized for the Xperia Play’s hardware keys.

Note: It is pretty rare, but if you ever get stuck, use the reset option to reset the area. You will not lose any progress.

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