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Acon Digital Equalize Full 1.1.12 +License Key Download


Acon Digital EQ is a parametric equalizer plug-in that combines unique features with an excellent workflow and intuitive user interface. Unlike other equalizer, you can freely adjust not only the center frequency, gain and bandwidth, but also filter the slope for each band. The slope of the filter can be set to 3 dB to 120 dB ultra-sharp octave. Naturally smooth can function as a mode when the phase zero minimal latency plug-in, or choose to keep the phase of the linear phase method. Equalize goes even further, however, and only the mixed phase mode that allows you to freely adjust the latency in the range of 5-120 milliseconds is introduced, while the phase relations as much as possible. It gives control can pre-ringing artifact is a common problem with linear phase filter. The less than 20 milliseconds latency values ​​to ensure that a pre ring masked by the temporal masking of the human hearing, to preserve the offset of the range of audible frequencies of time.

Great care was taken to create a user interface that is very easy to use. The band parameters can be adjusted using the handles directly on the graphical representation of the frequency response, including the bandwidth and ski filtering. A flexible analyzer in real time, you can control all aspects of treatment. You can easily switch between full mode, way, left or right channel processing for each band and automatically routes the smooth internal audio signal to ensure the best results and the lowest possible latency.


Up to twelve independent groups
Freely adjustable gain, frequency, bandwidth, resonance and filter slope
Phase three different modes, including the new mode mixed phase
Select channel mode independently for each band (middle, side, left, right or complete transformation)
Acon Digital smoothing is available for Windows (PC) and OS X (Macintosh). 32 and 64 bits are available, and plug-in formats VST, Audio Units, and AAX (OS X) are supported.


Platforms and plug-in formats

Available as a VST or AAX plug-ins on the PC (Windows)
Available as a VST plug-ins or AAX AU for Apple Macintosh (OS X)
Both 32-bit and native 64-bit all plug-ins are available
It supports sampling frequencies up to 96 kHz
Mono and stereo
Acon digital equalization

Up to twelve equalizer
Six different filter types (Low Cut, low shelves, up, first class, high-shelf and high cut)
Frequency band is freely adjustable gain for each band, the bandwidth, and the resonance filter slope
Three filter modes, minimum phase, linear mixed phase or new phase of
Front adjustable latency time stamp mixed phase fashion
Phase zero minimal latency mode
Channel (left side machining means, right or complete) can be set independently for each band
Several choices of bands
Resizable GUI
Solo and Bypass modes
Optional automatic gain makeup
The bandwidth gain possible binding
Two spectrum analyzers that can interpret the input or output of the medium, side, left or right channel
Graphical representation of the response frequency equalizer
Preset, and a number of factory settings
Save, Load and presets rates

Acon Digital Equalize

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