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Absolute Vintage Apk v1.01 Paid

Absolute Vintage v1.01 free

Main Features:

– NEW: Brightness and Contrast Face regulation with newest optimized alghorithms. The color of your face will match the mask colour 98,2%!
– chose from 150 dirrent vintage photo mask (75 woman and 75 mans)
– chose from 20 different accessories (hat, cigarettes, eyeglasses,pipes and beards)
– chose from 30 different photo frames
– 1 click facebook image upload
– 1 click to send an image by mail
– save an image in photo library
– shake the device to remove all icons and see full screen preview

In the working space view you can:

– rotate and zoom the face with 2 finger AT THE SAME TIME (for ultrafast positioning)
– move the face with one finger every where in the screen
– mirror the face
– regulate Brightness and Contrast of the face (optimized alghorithms)
– hold the rotation (if you like to concentrate on the scaling)
– hold the scaling (if you like to concentrate on the rotation)
– Add/remove 3 dirrent accessiories on the same face

Absolute Vintage is 100% fun with amazing Vintage Graphics, you love it!!

REQUIREMENTS: This app should run on 480×800 pixel screens for the best user experience and to avoid changes of aspect ratio.

What people say about Absolute Vintage from other platform:
by GB1947
This app is nothing short of incredible. It is amazing that the author managed to incorporate numerous tweaking features into this small application. You CAN do wonders with this little gem. What you see in the screenshots is accurate. I was surprised at the sheer content for a mere dollar….would have been even if it cost $4.00 – which would still be worth it!”

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