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8gadgetpack 16.0 Full Download


Feature of the program:
handy window c settings “8GadgetPack Tools”, which contains the following options:

  • Disable startup programs
  • Reset all the gadgets (back to how things were after the installation)
  • Visit the website of the program
  • Leave a review
  • Uninstall applications

What’s New:

  • The default-theme of the clock is now crystal clear in high-dpi configurations (up to 200%):
  • Left is the old, right the new clock on 125% dpi.
  • Added a workaround for an issue that occured on Windows 10 Insider that caused high cpu usage and prevented some gadgets to open. Added the Sticky Notes gadget by Microsoft that was included in Windows Vista as an alternative. Removed the Microsoft weather gadget from the package. It is extremly unreliable and there are plenty of alternatives included.
  • Clipboarder now lets you search the internet for a copied text with a single click. Added a How-to on this page. Improved HUT Time Gadget.
  • Updated some gadgets.

Operating System: Windows 8 / 8.1 (32bit/64bit
Language : multilingual

8gadgetpack 16.0 for windows 8.1

Download Files Below:

8gadgetpack 16.0 for windows 8.1 ||  Download